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Chemical Plant Safety Monitoring Systems

Chemical and inflammable substances (e.g. ammonia, chlorine, LPG, peroxides) can be at the origin of toxic gas releases, fires, or explosions, which can have severe consequences on installations and nearby surroundings (environment and neighborhood). SMARTEC's Fiber-optic distributed leakage detection system is SIL 2 rated and allows a very rapid detection and localization of small leakages of such toxic substances, enabling quick reaction and minimizing the released volume.

As a leading expert in chemical plant monitoring applications, we have installed instruments for chemical pipelines worldwide and would like to support your next toxic pipeline monitoring project.

Benefits of our Integrated Safety Monitoring Solutions for Chemical Plant Applications

  1. State-of-the-art system Identify and localize small leaks by employing fiber-optic technology within a spatial accuracy of one meter.
  2. Continuous monitoring 24/7 Operate a continuous and autonomous system so you can permanently monitor your installation providing fast response time.
  3. Easy installation, operation, and maintenance The System incorporates a small and electrically passive fiber-optic monitoring system that requires no maintenance.
  4. Reliability Employs redundancy and self-testing capabilities to reach a SIL-2 certification level.
  5. Technology Provide fiber-optic leak monitoring system technology which has been successfully installed since 2001.
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