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Dam and Dike Structural Health Monitoring Systems

Roctest provides sensors that monitor dams and dikes and provide a wide range of information that is crucial for structure safety and management.

We are a leading expert in dam monitoring during the construction phase and throughout the dam’s lifespan. We have a wide variety of sensors using leading-edge technology and can assist you in identifying the best products for your project and budget.

Benefits of our Integrated Dam and Dike Health Monitoring Solutions

  1. Integrated solutions Provide structural health monitoring solutions for dams and dikes using advanced fiber-optic technologies and vibrating wire.
  2. Optimized operations and maintenance Provide important data on the structural behavior of a reservoir, a dam’s body or foundation in order to ensure.
  3. Preservation of water, safety of people and nature Run real-time or continuous.
  4. Impact assessment of extraordinary natural events Provide details on the impact of events such as earthquakes or excessive rainfall in an effort to minimize.
  5. Regulation compliance Develop technologies that meet current and future standards for dams and dikes.
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