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Case Studies

Image Railway Bridge Monitoring

Railway Bridge Monitoring

Old bridges, including railway bridges, were built based on specific design loads and usage, including speed, weight, and traffic frequency. It is critical to make sure that yesterday’s designs still meet today’s usage.

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Image Early Warning System for Sinkhole

Sinkholes are very hard to predict and occur within a very short period. Depending on where they occurred, the impact could be catastrophic if not reported quickly to the right authorities.

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Image Movement Monitoring System (MMS) for LNG tanks – Thailand

LNG tanks are critical structures that require special attention with special equipment able to resist cryogenic temperature (-200C) during the whole life span of the tanks.

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Image Alameda Siphon Water Buried Pipeline Strain and Deformation Monitoring – USA

The Siphon Water Buried Pipeline Strain and Deformation Monitoring project aimed to protect and preserve the local environment and proactively manage the safety and health of the...

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Image KSPC Bethune Potash Mine Brine Pipeline Leak Detection – Canada

At the Bethune solution potash mine in Saskatchewan, K+S Potash Canada extracts potash crude salt which is further processed into three types of potassium chloride to be used as natural fertilizers and in a variety of industrial applications.

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Image Earth Dams in Bulgaria

Earth Dams in Bulgaria

Roctest and Smartec, in collaboration with Mr. Marian Stefanov of Enitest Ltd and Mr. Dragomir Boyadzhiev of Sentra d.o.o., designed a customized monitoring system for several small dams in Bulgaria.

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Image Muddy Run Dam Pumped Storage Power Generation Facility – US

Muddy Run Dam Pumped Storage Power Generation Facility is a pumped-storage hydroelectric plant used to generate energy for peak demand, which usually occurs during the morning and early evening hours.

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Image The Canarsie Tunnel Project

The tunnel was flooded in 2012 during Hurricane Sandy, resulting in damage to electrical cables and the concrete duct banks.

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Image Rover Natural Gas Pipeline Strain Monitoring – US

A particular portion of the pipeline in the Appalachian region is located on a slope that induces additional stress to the pipeline.

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Image Cuyperstrap construction monitoring at Amsterdam Central Station, Netherlands

Commissioned by the municipality of Amsterdam, Max Bögl Nederland is building the Cuyperstrap in the monumental station building of Amsterdam Central, as part of ‘project De Entree’; Cuyperstrap will enable a dry transfer from train to metro station.

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Image Hong Kong Airport Expansion Project

The Hong Kong Airport expansion project, currently underway, involves major land reclamation works. In order to evaluate the mechanical properties of these newly constructed columns, pressuremeter testing were undertaken.

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Image Monitoring the Kathryn Spirit

The Kathryn Spirit is a cargo ship currently docked in the Port of Beauharnois, 30 km from Montreal. A cofferdam had to be built around the ship to protect the St. Lawrence River from possible pollution

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