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DiAS Acoustic Analyzer


Fiber Optic Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DiAS) is based on Rayleigh scattering sensing and localization analysis technique and offers an accurate dynamic strain and vibration measurements for the geotechnical, civil, and structural applications as well as for the Oil & Gas industry.


The DiAS Acoustic Analyzer Reading Unit is a unique tool for the evaluation of distributed dynamic strain and vibration over several tens of kilometers. It is a powerful diagnostic instrument for the identification and localization of potential problems. It allows the monitoring of dynamic strain and vibrations at thousands of locations by means of a single optical fiber, and its inherent high stability and self-referenced principle of operation allow on-line or off-line long-term monitoring of large structures.

The DiAS Acoustic Analyzer Reading Unit is a laser-based measurement system using an optical scattering measurement principle within the sensing fiber: chirped Rayleigh scattering. It can operate using dedicated fibers and cables as sensing elements. The probing of single-mode fibers with chirped Rayleigh scattering gives precision readings with high spatial resolution and complete insensitivity to fading noise.

The DiAS Acoustic Analyzer Reading Unit is fully compatible with DiView software for automatic data management and visualization. The DiView software allows to view the position of the detected events together with other distributed monitoring systems (if present) data such as the temperature an-d/or the strain.

The DiAS Acoustic Analyzer Reading Unit provides 1 channel (2 channels optional) with fast and accurate dynamic strain and vibration measurements up to 30 km (DiAS 0-30km) and 50 km (DiAS Long Range 0-50km).

The DiAS Acoustic Analyzer Reading Unit features remote control capabilities enabling instrument configuration, event detection and classification, and maintenance through a TCP/IP connection. Data can be migrated into other testing proprietary suites. The DiAS Acoustic Analyzer Reading Unit features an automatic rollover buffer to ensure the latest data is always available.

The DiAS Acoustic Analyzer Reading Unit is delivered as a stand-alone (measuring unit and processing unit). An optional external desktop computer or server is available.

The instrument can be delivered in a portable rack or permanent rack with defined power options depending on user request.

 Data storage capacity:Internal: HDD 4TB RAID1 (equivalent to 2.5 day of strain/raw data for 20 km monitoring)
External: optional additional RAID up to 256TB
Data format:HDF5— Open source
Protection rating: IP20
Data flow:– Raw data: 50MB/ min / km / kHz sampling / at 10m SR
– Compressed data: 25kB / min / km / Frequency band 10m SR
Data recording both raw data and compressed data
GPS timing:20 microseconds accuracy
Optical connectors:SC/APC (E-2000 available on request)
(W x H x D) mm:
Optical Unit: 483x132x435
Processing Unit: 483x177x448
19” rack mountable – 3U + 4U
Weight:Optical unit: 8 kg / Processing unit: 19kg
Power supply:100-240V and 50-60Hz AC
Power consumption:Optical unit: typical 30 – Max 70 W depending on configuration
Processing unit: typical 230 – Max 500 W depending on configuration
Operating temperature:0° C to 40° C
Transportation/storage temp: -10° C to 60° C
Ambient humidity:5 to 85% RH (no condensation)
MTBF / lifetime:10 years / 25 years
Embedded system:Linux
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16.2011.PU DiAS Processing Unit
20.2010 DiView Data Management Software

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