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MuST FBG Multiplex SMARTprofile Deformation Sensor



For surface mounting on metallic structures.
Ideal for long-term structural deformation monitoring.


The SMARTprofile strain sensors are transducers that transform a strain variation into a change in reflected wavelength of a FBG encapsulated into a surface mountable patch. These sensors are compatible with SMARTEC MuST Reading Units. Small cross-section (width ~8 mm; thickness ~3 mm) and composite packaging properties make it ideal for its application in harsh on-site conditions. It features high mechanical, chemical and temperature resistance.
It can be effectively used in the following applications:

  • Structural monitoring of naval structures
  • Sub-sea applications; e.g. monitoring of shallow and deep-water risers, off-shore platforms, and other oil & gas structures
  • Industrial and military structures etc.

The SMARTprofile can be simply bonded or clamped to any kind of surface such as steel, composite, concrete, etc.

The SMARTprofile sensor is composed of an active and a passive zone. The active zone contains the composite sensing profile with embedded one or two Fiber Bragg Gratings (the second for temperature measurement and compensation). The metallic tube containing the optional temperature sensing FBG is also embedded in the same profile. The active zone serves as a measurement basis of the sensor. The passive zone is composed of the interconnection cable and a connector. Up to 4 such sensors can be chained to form a single sensing array. The temperature sensor can only be installed in the terminal sensor of the chain. Standard E-2000 connectors with a built in protective cover are used to connect the sensor with the reading unit or extension cables.


Sensing profile dimensions:

Width = 7.8 mm, Thickness = 2.9 mm, Length = 680 mm

Connection cable dimensions:

In flexible stainless steel reinforced cable with external plastic sheath Ø 3 mm

Conditions of use:

Exposed to extreme hydrostatic pressure, seawater and some chemicals as well as high and low temperatures

Number of measurement FBGs:


Number of Temperature FBGs:

0 or 1 (only in the last sensor of an array)

Max. number of MuST SMARTprofile sensors 

5 sensors on the same chain

Measurement range:

±0.5 % (±1mm)

Resolution / Accuracy:

Strain sensor : 2 me (0.002 mm/m) / <0.2%, Temperature sensor : 0.2 °C / 1°C

Operating temperature:

Sensing profile : -55 °C to +200 °C, Connector : -40 °C to +80 °C

Operating hydrostatic pressure:

Sensing profile : 0 to 30 MPa (0 to 300 bar)

Temperature compensation:

Using optional temperature sensing FBG


Individual calibration is not required

Ordering Info
  • 12.1061 MuST FBG Multiplex SMARTProfile Deformation Sensor double-ended
  • 12.1062 MuST FBG Multiplex SMARTProfile Deformation Sensor single-ended
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