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RT-VWSB Switching Box





The RT-VWSB is a robust switching box used to group multiple sensors in a single location providing a convenient mean of taking readings.


The RT-VWSB consists of a fiberglass enclosure containing terminal blocks, rotary switches, cable input connectors and sockets for portable readout connection.

The switching box can handle up to twenty 4-conductor sensors, and allows lightning protection to be added for each of these conductors.

The RT-VWSB may be fitted with an RT-MUX multiplexer for use with a SENSLOG 1000X data acquisition system. This option is available in 8- or 16-channel versions only. Please refer to the SENSLOG 1000X brochure for more information about the RT-MUX. Connection to another type of data acquisition system — not requiring the RTX-MUX— is also possible through a 40-pin adapter cable (avail able upon request).

ENCLOSURE12 × 8 in. NEMA 4X gray fiberglass
Manual switching50 MΩ max
    Contact resistance1000 MΩ min
    Insulation resistance 
Automatic switching (with RTX-248 option)

Two 0.5 V ports required (CLK, RST)(1)

 Four 0.5 V ports required (2 × CLK, RST)(2)

A292 mm
B302 mm
C133 mm
D203 mm
E355 mm
F6.35 mm (diameter)
ENCLOSURE12 × 8 in. NEMA 4X gray fiberglass 
Manual switching

Contact resistance : 50 MΩ max. 

Insulation resistance: 1000 MΩ min. 

Automatic switching  Two 0.5 V ports required (CLK, RST)(1) 
(with RTX-MUXoption) Four 0.5 V ports required (2 CLK, RST)(2) 
A292 mm 
B302 mm 
C133 mm 
D203 mm 
E355 mm 
F6.35 mm (diameter) 
XX  Number of positions 

8   – 8 positions (for RTX-248 multiplexers only) 

16 – 16 positions (for RTX-248 multiplexers only)  

10 – 10 positions 20 – 20 positions

A  Enclosure 

0 – Fiberglass enclosure  

A – Steel (10 and 20 positions only)  

B – Stainless steel (10 and 20 positions only)

B  Lightning protection 

0 – No protection (standard)  

A – Gas tube (10 and 20 positions only) 

B -Gas tube and diode

C RTX-248 multiplexer 

0 – No RTX-248 (standard)  

A – RTX-248A (16 positions only) (1)

 C – RTX-248C (16 positions only – 2 separately addressable RTX-248F) (2)

F – RTX-248F (8 positions only) (1)

D  Cable input connector 

0 – No connector (standard) 

A – 50 mm (2 in.) conduit connector  

B – 10 plastic watertight connectors (fiberglass enclosure only) C – 20 plastic watertight connectors (fiberglass enclosure only) 

D – 8 plastic watertight connectors (fiberglass enclosure only) 

E – 16 plastic watertight connectors (fiberglass enclosure only) 

F – 10 zinc-plated steel watertight connectors 

G – 20 T&B (metallic box only)

E Front panel connector 

0 – 4 female pins (standard) 

A – 4 female pins plus 6-pin Cannon connector (adapted jumper cable required)

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Other configuration available upon request

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