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Image Monitoring the Kathryn Spirit

The Kathryn Spirit is a cargo ship currently docked in the Port of Beauharnois, 30 km from Montreal. A cofferdam had to be built around the ship to protect the St. Lawrence River from possible pollution.

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Image Barrage Nam Ngum – Détection de fuite

Détection de fuite sur le barrage de Nam Ngum 2 en Thailande. La barrage a 181 mètres de haut et une capacité de 615 mégawatts.

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Image Streicker Bridge at Princeton Campus

Streicker Bridge is a new pedestrian bridge being built at Princeton University campus, over the busy Washington Road

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Image I35-W Bridge

I35-W Bridge

The new I35W bridge was built in 2008 to replace the old steel bridge that failed catastrophically and tragically resulting in the loss of several lives.

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Roctest installed several kms of distributed temperature sensing cable in order to measure the temperature over a long distance while detecting abnormal infiltrations. Piezometers were also used to measure pore water pressure in the soil.

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