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Mt Terri

In the framework of an international project, a new tunnel was excavated to study the behavior of clay formations. The new tunnel is parallel to an existing one at a distance of 30 m.

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The utility of the instrumentation is to detect any cracking in the second concrete layer of the tube and monitor tunnel deformations during power plant service (when water is flowing through the tunnels).

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Image High speed railways tunnel in Barcelona

The main aim of the monitoring in this project is to provide a distributed system able to increase knowledge on the structural behaviors.

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Image EXPO02 Piazza Pinocchio

The “Piazza Pinocchio” has been built together with other exposition buildings on one big artificial peninsula. The belly of the whale holds the exposition dedicated to robotic and the rest of the village has been developed on two floors with steel.

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MAEVA Mockup

The MAEVA project consists of the testing of a 1/2 scale model of the concrete confinement wall of a nuclear power plant

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Image Pressure Pipe Testing

In order to test the feasibility of the method, the tests were performed on a different pipe specimen in a laboratory and on-site

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Image Olkiluoto 3 Nuclear power plant

The monitoring system gives real-time data on the behavior of the concrete containment and its steel liner. Ensuring leak-tightness are traditional sensors (in particular vibrating wire) and fiber optic sensors.

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SmartPipe Project

The Smart Pipe® concept centers on a monitorable pipe liner that is a composite of various thermoplastic materials in monolithic and fibrous form.

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Image Pra-Oil Leakage detection test

The main aim has been to demonstrate the feasibility relative easy integration of this kind of innovative leakage detection system based on distributed fibre optic technology

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Image Pipeline strain monitoring in the Swiss Alps

The Transitgas pipeline is 292 km long, and transports natural gas mostly from the Netherlands and from Norway to Italy

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