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Image Ferrera-Bertonico oil pipeline

Install a leakage detection system capable of monitoring the temperature profile along a section of the oil pipeline

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Image SNAM Rete Gas – Gas pipeline monitoring

The progress of a landslide over time can damage pipelines and put them out of service

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Image Berlin Brine Pipeline

In order to cover the entire length of the pipeline, it was decided to use two DiTeSt analyzers even though one instrument would have been theoretically able to cover the whole distance.

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Image Lugano, lake shores 

The stability of the lake border over 150m is unreliable.

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Image San Giorgio Pier

San Giorgio Pier

The San Giorgio pier is used for coal import and it has been recently subjected to a retrofitting programme, partly under way.

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Image CKS airport pavement

In order to obtain the actual joint movement along with seasonal temperature changes, SOFO sensors were installed in the middle of concrete slabs during the reconstruction process of some slabs at the taxiway N1 in January 2002.

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Image Rails monitoring 

Rails monitoring 

An excessive deformation of railway tracks can cause malfunctioning of railway system, which manifests itself either through decreased train speed or through temporary closing the traffic.

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Trento Landslide

The project aim is to monitor the landslide to control the movements in the three directions and to documents the land movements.

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Image N12 Motorway, retaining wall 

The motorway N12 is placed on a landslide. 20 retaining walsl were built in 1978 supported with anchorage. Some anchorage present defect and new retaining wall was build against the old one.

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Image Gradenbach Landslide

The landslide Gradenbach is situated at the junction of the Graden-Valley and the Möll-Valley in Carinthia (Austria). The hamlet Putschall (see Figure 1) is threatened by this landslide. Its active deformation zone involves the entire slope.

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Image Horw


To measure the lateral friction and the load bearing capacity, the piles were subjected to charges up to 2000 kN.

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The aim of the project was to test the mechanical performance of the piles. For this purpose, it was decided to perform pushdown, pullout and flexion full-scale on-site tests.

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