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DiView Software


Advanced data visualization on maps and 3D layouts.
Alert generation and communication with SCADA systems.


The Distributed Data Management and Analysis Software DiView is an integral and fully compatible part of SMARTEC distributed monitoring systems. In particular, it is designed for data storing, processing, representation and analysis, as well as for the control of single or multiple DiTeSt (Brillouin Scattering) and DiTemp (Raman Scattering) reading units. DiView is also used to store and manage data in a centralized interface.

The main functions of DiView software are aimed to measure and analyze distributed sensors automatically. The operator can view in real time the sensor’s measurement history in graphical form. Software is also able to trigger alerts (SMS, mail and phone call) and show warnings on the display. Warnings can be generated for different types of events, including: Strain, Temperature, Leakage and Crack. The software is able to combine measurements from different sensing cable, to obtain complex results, such as temperature compensated strains. An optional module is dedicated to the detection of leakages from pipelines, dikes, reservoirs and other similar structures, by identification of local temperature anomalies. Another optional module is dedicated to the detection of crack from distributed strain data. The DiView software and the additional module offer numerous configurable parameters and options. SMARTEC offers parameterization and customization services.

The software stores all information related to a sensor in a single data-base structure. All data and alerts can be easily exported to third-party software as well as SCADA systems.


Main functions:


Measurement functions:

Measurements of SMARTEC distributed monitoring systems (DiTeSt and DiTemp) and sensors. Results storage in single relational database.

Display functions:

Map view, Alarm view, Measures view, Historical view, others upon client’s request

Additional functions:

Crack detection; Leakage detection; Warning and information messages (Email, SMS, SMS acknowledge)

Distributed Data Management Software requires Windows to run. Minimum PC/Server specifications available upon request.

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