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Thermistor string – TH Series


The Thermistor string temperature sensor series TH-C provides reliable means to monitor temperature at various locations in boreholes, dam embankments, landfills, levees.




The Model TH-C thermistor string consists of a multi-conductor cable with individual temperature sensors distributed along its length. The string can be attached to a structure, or buried in concrete or the ground. The temperature sensors consist of reliable 3 kΩ thermistors. The resistance change of these sensors being high, correction for cable lengths is normally not required, unless higher accuracies are required. The standard cable employed is a heavy-duty, direct-burial rated, PVC jacketed, 22 gauge cable.

The thermistor strings are customized according to user needs. Please refer to the ordering information for the different options.

Readings can be obtained with an MB-3TL readout box (directly in degrees Celsius), a digital ohmmeter (in ohms), or a data acquisition system.

Range*−40 to + 80°C
Accuracy±0.5°C at 0°C
ResolutionDepends on readout
Sensor3 kΩ resistor
Water tightness2000 kPa
Minimum spacing250mm
Maximum bead diameter18mm
CableIRC-82A for 4 to 7 thermistors
 IRC-241A for 8 to 20 thermistors
Sensibility<0.1% F.S.


Ordering Info

Please specify:

  • Model of temperature sensor
  • Cable length and type

Optional Accessories

  • Readout instruments
  • Switch box (10 or 20 channels)
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